"I decided to have lessons with Carolina because I was looking forward to develop my voice, not only to sing, but also to learn how to expose and project it in another contexts, like speeches and workshops. And my evolution is really noticeable. I’ve discovered that my voice range is wider that I thought. Also, I’ve learned to like my voice (there were some tones that I didn’t like to listen to me). As a secondary effect (but still very important), I feel more confident.

The lessons with Carolina have been very valuable for me, for my personal and professional life (even not as a singer).

Carolina’s recipe is very simple and efficient:

-Technical orientations very constructive

-Exigence in the right amount

-And such a good portion of dynamism, joy and friendship.

I truly recommend it!"






"I started my lessons with Carolina under the Music Academy in January 2019. Best decision I’ve made for myself! It is very easy to work with Carolina as she is an outgoing and kind hearted person with great sense of humour but is also able to push you further! So no need to be shy or nervous :) She is always helpful and encouraging with my own musical projects as well. What I also like is that even though the lessons are one to one she organizes events for her students to meet, connect and share their experiences and paths. At almost every lesson she introduces new voice exercises and I definitely see improvement of my voice.

Thank you!"


Czech Republic

"I have always been in love with music and singing.But for several reasons I was never encouraged to pursue what I consider my true passion.I joined the MP academy after I hesitantly decided to improve this skill and give an old dream a go. Singing is my means of self expression, so I might as well learn to do it correctly. I’ve definitely noticed a massive improvement in my vocal abilities in less than a year that I have been practicing with Carolina. She always chooses the best exercises that focus on each person’s weaknesses. Also she let’s us sing the songs that we love while providing with new challenges in every session. She’s definitely a very vibrant personality and at the same time incredibly honest. I don’t think that the sole purpose of vocal lessons is to teach people to use their vocal chords properly. They can teach you to embrace the music that is hidden in the depths of your soul and embrace that new person you become after each lesson. Would recommend Carolina to everyone who loves singing and wants to see actual improvement in themselves."





"Starting vocal lessons with Carolina has been the best decision I've made. 

Before Carolina, I had been going to a singing school for 18 months and I felt that the progress was really slow and it was not helping me build confidence with my voice. So I decided to try Carolina and oh boy! what a refreshing first trial lesson it was.

Straight away Carolina puts you at ease and makes you feel comfortable and she takes a very concise and well thought of teaching approach to developing your voice and understanding what you want to achieve. In my opinion her methods seem to form the basis of a good vocal pedagogy program.

After the first 4 weeks with Carolina, I felt that I have dramatically improved my vocal, breathing and hearing skills all thanks to her carefully crafted teaching techniques. With her constant encouragement I also felt that I owe it to her and myself to practice regularly at home. Something that I did not think of doing while I was at the previous school.

If you are still unsure about joining her lessons, don't hesitate, call her now. You won't regret it! And please don't make the mistake of thinking that every great singer/performer can be a good teacher, I had to learn that from experience. Get the right start to improving your vocal skills with a great vocal coach. Call Carolina!"





"I have never thought about myself as a singer but thanks to Carolina's class, I am starting doing so!
I have been with Carolina for about half a year now, and I am shocked with the change of my voice. It becomes stronger, clearer and better than I even expected. This change has also great impact on my whole life, I am just more confident person!

The class is great fun, she is a profectionalis but also knows when to "let go" and this is great mixture!

Carolina is not only great teacher but also good psychologist. She immediately recognizes my mood and adjust the lesson accordingly, so the classes are never boring! I trust her completely with her choice of repertoire even when I am skeptical at the beginning, I know she is right!

If you have a bit courage to sing and you are ready to give your singing some boost, go for it!"




"A Carolina é uma excelente profissional, expõe os seus conhecimentos de forma clara, concisa e com grande rigor. Denota-se uma grande preparação para cada aula, o que torna o percurso cada vez mais ambicioso e desafiante. Eu recomendo-a


Carolina is an excellent professional, exposing her knowledge in a clear, concise and with great rigour. It shows a great preparation for each class, which makes the course more and more ambitious and challenging.

I recommend her."





"As a guitarist I was missing to be able to sing my own songs and Carolina did a good work with it. She taught me how to use my voice properly, how to do the correct the pitch in every part of the songs, how to do higher notes, she helped me with my sense of rhythm. 100% recommendable."






"By far the best performing lessons I ever had. Modern, challenging exercises that never gets you bored. Carolina knows how to lead you to the best of you, and helps you to bring out all the beauty that comes with the singing art."





"Although I'm a beginner, I am very satisfied so far. I have never had any musical education, but Carolina can explain all the material in an easy and accessible way. She is a great teacher, who can challenge you with difficult exercises, but never out of your scale. She also help me with my choice of repertoire, advising me which songs are the best for my voice. She is very open to trying new styles, and is a great listener. Carolina is a very nice, warm person; we have great "flow" during the classes. Her great personality and teaching skills are a fantastic blend, making the class also a nice social experience. I can recommend Carolina not only as a teacher, but also as a friend"





"Carolina is an extremely lovable and professional teacher who can find out where she picks you up in terms of singing, breathing, rhythm and vocal support at lightning speed. Based on this, she looks for suitable exercises and prepares your voice for everything. The style is up to you when it comes to songs. A highlight is the meeting in the recording studio with other students. She also organizes singing evenings for all of her students in front of an audience. It brings a lot to practice, to perform better. I can only recommend Carolina as a teacher to anyone who wants to improve singing.





"Carolina ist eine extrem liebenswerte und professionelle Lehrerin, die blitzschnell herausfindet, wo sie dich in puncto Gesang, Atmung, Rhythmus und Stütze abholt. Darauf aufbauend sucht sie passende Übungen aus und bereitet deine Stimme auf alles Mögliche vor. Der Stil ist einem selbst überlassen, wenn es um Songs geht. Ein Höhepunkt sind die Treffen im Tonstudio zusammen mit anderen Studenten. Zudem organisiert sie Gesangsabende für all ihre Schüler vor einem Publikum. Das bringt sehr viel, um zu üben, besser zu performen. Ich kann Carolina als Lehrer nur allen empfehlen, die ihren Gesang verbessern möchten."






"I came to Carolina with an uneasy task: improve my singing performance in the theatre.

The song is quite demanding: lyrics, pace, dance and expression putting all together we have quite a challenge! I needed Carolina to help me with my diaphragm so I can perform better. I was not sure if she could fix it but she did! I was amazed by the progress we have done just after few sessions. I feel more confident and relaxed about the song.

I really like her personal approach. She found perfect solution for me: mixing of classical scales and some physical exercises. Carolina will push you hard but she knows exactly your boundaries. Sometimes it is hard but no pain, no gain!

I am very glad I have her as my vocal coach.

I recommend her from the bottom of my heart for anyone working with the voice"






"Plan of lesson before classe its really really appreciate I really like how power you put on your lesson I can not talk too much about technics because I am learning but I feel good and you make me feeling confident with my voice I am able to feel my power increasing thankful to you .. Song selections are good As a student .. I am waiting from you the best you can teach .. and I can't wait you make me a really great singer !!!! I will recommend you to people eyes closed !"




"Carolina, always have been an inspiration to me. Her hard work and motivation, ideas and support has always been part of my vocal strength and growth.

Her 24 hours lesson plan, I mean prior the lesson, is useful. Meaning, that we (students) have time enough to prepare for what she will teach us the next day. 

I like her passion towards her students, as well as, everything she taught us due to her, so far, experience.

I recommend her as a teacher, as well as, a friend you will never forget."