Frequently asked questions

Is the Academy for any type of student and age?

Yes! You can come and study with us if you are 6 or 65 years old. The meaning, will be to aim and bring any type of music interest. The idea will be always educate any type of person, even if you want a music professional career or even if you want just a hobby that brings you creative time in your life. Carolina M Pereira

Will music study at MP Music Academy help me achieve my goal in a Music Career?

The study of music at MP Music Academy, can particularly bring you your goal. This academy will provide a major foundation in music, as well as an extensive backup for your future goals. Professional careers, such as composers, performers or even scholars, may enter fields in which a solid grounding in music is essential. This can bring an art management, cognitive psychology, music production, publishing, or world music. The intention is always to purchase a good package of musicality in what you are looking for. Carolina M Pereira

Will Academy provide any type of studying areas?

The academy will have different facilities which will give you the opportunity of studying alone or in groups, depending what you are looking for.
We will have individual piano rooms, where you can practice your instruments.
We will provide a library where you can study more a theoretical modules, and we will provide you studios to work as a group or even to record.
After all this, Academy will give you a Theatre area, where can be practiced the Choir, Orchestra and other Kombos.
Carolina M Pereira

Are private music lessons offered at MP Academy?

You will be entitled to receive individual music lessons, mainly instrument ones, and group sessions, such as Music Theory.
The objective here, is not only bringing into the music world as an individual, but tough as a music person. To be able to work in groups, and to cooperate with different ideas.
So, the plan will be for you to have two instrument lessons per week and two theory ones. The place will be to be part of one of our offered activities. Could be Choir, Orchestra or Kombos.
Carolina M Pereira